Congratulations! You’re Pre-Approved for Salvation!

Our family is considering moving to a new home.  Ideally we’d like to rent the one we are living in out, and then move to a new home.  Obviously this is a financial risk.  If it pays off we have a little nest egg for our children’s mission funds and/or our retirement, however, if it doesn’t work out it could be equally disastrous.  We have excellent credit, but we are a single income home in a double income economy.  We are comfortable.  Vaughn is incredibly financially savvy.  I can go out to lunch with my friends or buy a new book without major planning or strain.  However, we aren’t really in a position to pay two mortgages.

After work today Vaughn headed to our local financial institution to see if we could be pre-approved for a new home.  To our surprise, we qualified to get a fairly significant mortgage (more than our current mortgage) on a second home even without rental income on our current one.  Wow!  And yes, we do recognize that what you qualify for and what you actually can afford aren’t the same things.

As I was thinking about the doors being pre-approved opens up for us I realized that I am already pre-approved for something even more important.  Salvation.

Isn’t it amazing that thanks to the atonement of Jesus Christ we have all been pre-approved to return to live with our Heavenly Father forever?  Isn’t it incredible that we, as children of a divine being, can grow up to be just like our Heavenly Parents?

Although we have been pre-approved for the mortgage, there are still some things that we as applicants will have to do before they will hand over the dough.  We will have to prove our income, prove our identity, prove our ability to pay.  There are similar qualifications before we can receive eternal glory.  We have to prove that we can forgive others, we have to prove that we are charitable, we have to prove that we are obedient, and we have to prove that we can use our agency to make righteous choices.

We wouldn’t be approved if we are on our own.  We’ve already made too many mistakes.  We’ve already committed too many sins.  Even just one would have made it so we were rejected.  However, our brother, Jesus Christ, was willing to co-sign on our application.  We are approved because he made up the difference.  We are approved because his down payment makes my portion of the payments manageable.

With the incredible credit that Jesus Christ has, I am qualified for a glorious mansion in heaven.


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