Just fly up!

This evening I was sitting on the front step of my house, which at the time was the quietest place in my house, feeling weighed down by many small troubles which seemed to add up to a heavy burden.

As I sat there with a pleading prayer for relief, forgiveness and answers in my heart I was distracted by a strange sound. Next to me is our garden plot which has been cleared and covered for the winter. (Yes, it is in the front yard. I agree it is not the most attractive plot, but it’s the only place that gets enough sunlight for a vegetable garden.)


A dragon fly was skimming the surface of the plastic so closely it’s wings were hitting the surface, hence the sound. I watched it dart around to and fro, around the rocks, head to the barriers around the garden only to turn back.

As I watched it I realized that was exactly how I felt in the moment. Darting around, avoiding obstacles, but never really making any progress.

After a few minutes I started to wonder if something was wrong with the dragon fly. It looked like it felt trapped, yet all it had to do to escape it’s perceived confinement was to fly up. It was flying horizontally in every direction, but it seemed in that moment that it had forgotten that it could also fly vertically.

It came to me that in my problems I was flying around vertically, but I, as a beloved daughter of God, have the ability to escape the perception of confinement by simply flying up.

Watching that dragon fly did not change anything, it did not give me answers, it did not solve my problems, but it was a loving reminder that my potential is greater than my perception.


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