Time of Peace = Time of Preparation

I am so grateful that our afflictions and trials come in waves.  I hate it when I’m in the middle of one, but those times of peace afterwards are so nice and rejuvenating.  A break is necessary or I don’t think I could handle the next wave.

However, I’m guilty of not doing one major thing.  It’s hidden in this verse:

We again began to possess the land in peace.  And I caused that there should be weapons of war made of every kind, that thereby I might have weapons for my people against the time the Lamanites should come up again to war against my people.

(Mosiah 10:1)

Did you see it?  I’ve read that verse so many times but today was the first time I saw it.

What did they do in times of peace?  They didn’t just rest and relax, they prepared for the next battle!

So often when the affliction or trial of the moment passes and I have some time before the next one I think of preparing for the next wave by relaxing.  I feel like I deserve it.  I can’t believe I’ve fell for Satan’s trick so often!  I mean, I know the next wave is coming, yet for some reason I am surprised and unprepared every time!

I need to spend those times between afflictions preparing!  I need to spend that time sharpening my spiritual weapons.  I need to spend my time strengthening my spiritual armor.  I need to prepare myself so the waves don’t continually knock me over.

I’ve heard my uncle say many times “When the time for decision is reached the time for preparation is past.”  I’m sure we could substitute the word decision with the word trial or affliction and it remains true.  When the trial is here, when the affliction is here, we no longer have an opportunity to prepare.  If we haven’t done it, we are in reactionary mode, which is a lot more work and much more stressful.

It’s not easy to spend my times of peace preparing, but I don’t want to be in reactionary mode any longer!  I want to prepare and face my trails head on.  I don’t want them to knock me down and surprise me.  The waves of Satan’s attacks are so much more effective if he can prevent me from preparing for the next one!  From now on I’m going to face them down.  I’m going to look them in the eye and give them my meanest disapproving Mom glare, which we all know is the worst of all possible glares.

Luckily whether I’m in reactionary mode or preparation mode I have the blessing of the atonement of Jesus Christ available to me if I’m worthy.  If I’m in reactionary mode I have remission of sin.  If I’m in preparation mode I have grace.  I hope that throughout my life I can learn to use the preparation mode more frequently so I need the reactionary mode less.

From now on, in my mind Time of Peace = Time of Preparation


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