Stand ye in Holy Places

I love Doctrine and Covenants 87:8

We talked about section 87 in seminary yesterday, and I’ve been thinking about ever since.  Often we think of this scripture as a commandment and a warning.  We need to stand in holy places at all times.  We are standing in a holy place when we are in a location, whether physical or spiritual, that we can feel the Holy Ghost.  It has to do more with how we live than where we live.  Whether we are standing in a holy place or not is completely up to us.  No situation, no matter how bad, can change our eternal destiny unless we let it.  No family is so troubled, no city so dangerous, no persons so evil, can change the righteousness of our own personal souls without you making a choice to allow it.  Isn’t that amazing?   Your righteousness is protected by your agency.

The ability that we have to stand in holy places at all times, and all things, and all places is more than just a challenge to be righteous, but a blessing and assurance that it’s possible to do so.  No one, NO ONE can move you from standing in holy places.  Be not moved! You can’t be pushed off, you can’t be pulled off, you can’t be forced off, as long as you stubbornly stand in holy places you will remain there. Standing in holy places doesn’t protect us from having a difficult life, but it will protect you from the evils of life.

Don’t let anyone or anything ever persuade, coerce, or deceive you into moving from holy places.  BE NOT MOVED!


One thought on “Stand ye in Holy Places

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