Girls Camp Modesty Fireside

A couple weeks ago I was asked to speak at a girls camp fireside on what is quickly, and surprisingly, becoming one of my very favorite topics: modesty.  I filmed the fireside for a specific reason, and I heavily debated about whether I would share the video or not outside of that purpose.  In the end I decided to share it because I have a desire to continually bear testimony of the importance of modesty and to share much I love it as I learn to understand the deeper meanings, warnings and blessings of the topic.

I recognize that it’s length, close to an hour, probably means that most people will pass on watching/listening to it, but if you choose to do so I hope you can look past the incredible amount of mortal follies and hopefully feel the spirit of the message I was striving to share.

PS – Aren’t Young Women just incredible?  I am so blessed to be able to continually work with the youth!  They are my absolute favorite!


5 thoughts on “Girls Camp Modesty Fireside

  1. Great message! You were right in your assumption about most people not wanting to watch an hour long video. I only watched a few minutes of it. I heard the remarks made about shopping at thrift stores. They are my favorite place to shop. You CAN get nice clothes there that aren’t expensive. I also like to wear nice clothes that make me look and feel good. Perhaps, I am a little bit prideful in that regard. I spent over two decades NOT wanting to shop for clothes at all because I was hiding-physically and emotionally. Breast cancer came with a few unexpected blessings. Your Young Women ARE incredible!


    1. Thanks for being patient to watch even a few minutes of it!

      I didn’t mean to imply at all that thrift stores are a bad place to shop, I totally respect thrift store ninjas that can find incredible things there. I just wanted to emphasize that the point was not where you shopped but the attitude behind the clothing.

      I think we all go through periods where we hide ourselves physically or emotionally, and I’m so glad that you were able to find yourself, though that certainly isn’t an easy way to learn the lesson! Being comfortable in your own skin is such a blessing though!


  2. Martha Twitchell

    I WATCHED THEWHOLE THING!!! I think I deserve a prize? I loved what you said, and especially how you said it. (I also dig your jokes and Amy-ness) #superdeluxe


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