Learning to love the rain in life

This weekend was pretty blustery in Western Washington.  It was pouring buckets with huge gusts of wind.  I found myself complaining about the terrible weather, but then I realized that this kind of rainy weather is what makes Western Washington such an incredibly beautiful place to live.  The same rain that I dislike is what brings about the forest in my backyard, the lakes (multiple!) in my town that we swim and kayak in all summer, and it is what makes it so that if I don’t mind getting a little wet I can comfortably run outside year round.  Without the rain, it would not be the place I love.

Every place on earth has its own natural beauty, and it’s own trials.  We each find a place where the balance is right for us, where the beauty is worth the price to be paid.  For some, they want more sunshine, so they put up with the desert.  Some need more green, so they put up with the rain.  (And I wish I had a third thing right here, but I can’t think of one.)

Our afflictions and trials are the same way, the spiritual weather conditions in my life are what make the beauty in my life possible.  Some of us want lots spiritual greenery, so we must endure lots of spiritual rain.  Others need more sunshine and they struggle with the challenges that come with too much of a good thing.  (And for some reason when I compare too much of a good thing to excessive sunshine and having to live in super hot and dry Arizona I finally recognize how that can truly be a challenge.  Not that I have anything against Arizona, I think it’s beautiful and I have many loved ones who live there, it’s just not for me.)  We all find a place where what we desire is worth the cost it takes to achieve, and each person has unique and natural beauty in their lives.

This weekend as I stared out the window at the rain (or sometimes as I wiped it out of my eyes and wrung it our of my hair) I remembered it’s purpose and remembered that it was worth it.

When those spiritual rainstorms come, to the point that I feel like it’s so drenching I’m wringing it out of my hair, do I recognize that it is enhancing the beauty in my life?  Am I as receptive of my trials as I am the rain?

I hope that I can learn to change my reactions about spiritual rainstorms and instead of complaining about the spiritual rain, I can learn to more quickly recognize the beauty that it produces in my life and do my best to smile as I run in it!


One thought on “Learning to love the rain in life

  1. As always, a beautiful post. Spiritual rainstorms are really hard, and I hope to learn to cope with them because I do LOVE the spiritual greenery that comes with them.

    Maybe the third thing is for people like me who love to ski oh-so-much, but who hate the cold when not on the slopes.


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